The Aging Face and the Solution: Facelift (Rhytidectomy)

The aging face is characterized by changes in the skin as well as underlying structures and connective tissue. As the skin loses elasticity over time, loose excess skin can start to sag giving the face an aging appearance. Excess skin can cause wrinkles all over the face and “jowls” along the jaw line. This makes the face appear to have a square shape. Also, the soft tissue underneath the skin also increases with laxity as the face ages. The facelift procedure provides a solution to aging. The excess skin and underlying soft tissue is trimmed and re-attached in a new position to provide a smoother look. Through facelifts at our practice, these visible signs of aging can be dramatically reduced. In some cases, depending on the needs of the patient, cheek or chin implants may be recommended to restore diminished facial volume to enhance the results of facelift.


Results of Facelift

Facelifts performed by Dr. Tien can make you look years younger and more refreshed. Because a facelift at D.C. Surgical Arts is done by an experienced surgeon familiar with all aspects of facial and cosmetic surgery, your results will appear smooth, GENTLY lifted, and very natural. During healing, camouflage makeup and cosmetics are available at our practice to mask the appearance of any discoloration caused by swelling and bruising. This provides a feeling of comfort to return to daily activities, and reduces the feeling of discomfort from surgery. Our esthetician/assistant is trained in post-operative makeup application and can teach you how to apply the products properly.