Office Tour

D.C. Surgical Arts breaks the mold of stale traditional dental offices furnished with old decor and intimidating equipment. We specifically designed our facility to be centered around the idea of achieving superior patient comfort.  From the minute you step into the common foyer with its 8 foot water feature to the modern waiting room with the custom 265 gallon salt water reef aquarium and 3D textured walls you will feel a sense of tranquility and relaxation.  We combine a touch of aromatherapy with light soothing sounds to create an atmosphere like none other.  Wide hallways and spacious surgical suites with brightly painted walls, fantastic lighting and contemporary art convey an sense of openness atypical of most smaller cramped dental practices.  All of our clinical treatment areas are clean and minimal with sleek concealed cabinetry. Our large sterilization unit, where instruments are washed, is in plain sight not hidden like in many other dental facilities. This not only allows our staff to be comfortable and content as they deliver care but it further demonstrates our commitment to cleanliness, sterility and aseptic protocol.  The office environment truly lends itself to a pleasant experience that we hope our patients appreciate as much we do working here everyday.