D.C. Surgical Arts is proud to be on the cutting-edge of both medical technology and contemporary design.  Our 4,000 square foot surgical center is outfitted with four spacious operatories and an exclusive operating room suite.  The modern design of the office, with its eye pleasing decor, creates an atmosphere of tranquility and cleanliness.  We are an environment friendly paperless office which allows for faster and more secure record keeping.  Our practice management and imaging software is cloud based, giving Dr. Tien instant access to important information when off site. This allows for better communication with our referring doctors which ultimately translates to a more effective healthcare service for our patients.  We use only the highest quality materials and medical grade equipment including the Carestream 9300 CBCT System.  We are the first dental facility in the country to implement the Amico alert-3 area and master LCD alarms; this brand new monitoring system allows for superior accuracy and reliability over standard analog systems.  All of our surgical suites have dental delivery units that are internally plumbed providing a constant supply of fresh distilled water.  Purified water is made daily in a distiller on site and is available during all surgical procedures in order to ensure cleanliness and optimal health benefits for our patients.  D.C. Surgical Arts is committed to providing the finest care under the most contemporary setting.  We promise to continue to refine and improve our facility in order to remain at the forefront of both medicine and dentistry in the years to come.