Facial Implants

Chin Revision Surgery (Augmentation and Reduction) – Mentoplasty and Genioplasty

Facial beauty is largely a result of a well-defined jaw line and aesthetic harmony between the nose, lips and chin. If the chin is under- or over-projected, the nose-lip-chin balance can appear disproportionate. In addition to the projection of the chin, chin length can also cause facial imbalance if it is too long or too short. Through mentoplasty, Dr. Tien can make adjustments to the chin so that its shape and size better complement your other facial features. Mentoplasty often refers to the placement of some sort of implant (silicone), whereas a genioplasty refers to the osteotomy of the chin bone to either advance or move back the chin. Depending on the nature of the chin correction desired and expertise of Dr. Tien, he can use either a chin implant, bone grafts, or bone reduction techniques to reshape the chin. Often, patients who undergo a facelift or rhinoplasty at our practice at D.C. Surgical Arts can benefit from the addition of a chin implant to replace diminished volume or to create ideal balance between a recessed chin and their newly reshaped nose.


Cheek Augmentation – Malarplasty

Strong, prominent cheekbones are an essential part to facial balance and harmony. If there is a facial characteristic that is thought to be universally beautiful, then it must be high, well-defined cheekbones. When cheekbones are shallow or when the mid-face (the region just below the lower eyelids) appears flat, the face can appear tired and aged. A weak, flat facial bone below the eye emphasizes aging lower lids, making their baggy appearance more prominent. By placing a solid silastic cheek implant through a small intra-oral incision (a technique that does not create any external scars on the face) the cheeks become lifted and more defined, exhibiting enhanced volume. The cheek implant sits directly on top of the facial bone and creates very natural elevation of the overlying tissue. The results of cheek augmentation look completely natural and symmetrical once healing is complete. Cheek implants are often added in conjunction with facelift procedures to restore or create volume in the cheeks. This enhances the overall the results of the procedure.